Noldor Gladomain

Provider of healing for the party and migraines for Calista.


Grey Elf
Cleric 7/Radiant Servant of Pelor 10

Divine Spellcaster, with focus on healing and destroying undead
Minor focus in telepathic abilities, small group command and control

Significant Items:

  • Holy Symbol Of Pelor
  • Blade of Fate
  • Celestial Armor

Notable Abilities:

  • Spells (Especially Healing)
  • Minor Telepathic Powers
  • Greater Turn Undead

Cleric Domains:

  • Healing
  • Sun
  • Glory

Boosts to Caster Level:

  • Ioun Stone (+1)
  • Divine Spell Power (+0-4 based on turning check, uses turn undead attempt)
  • [INSERT NAME OF PEARL THINGY] (+4 for 10 minutes a day)

Family Quote:
“Don’t worry guys, I’ve got this.”


Noldor Gladomain

Counterpart Anarion316